AAU 2014 Fashion Show

The Spring 2014 Academy of Art runway show showcased a variety of work by the students. Ranging from graffiti print fringe, oversized grey knits, embellished structured pieces, and draped and tailored neutrals. The garments were sophisticated and modern, some with a hint of sportswear. 

The makeup look was a dramatic winged out liner layered with metallics. Some shimmer was placed on the inner corner, but the emphasis was the thick bold cat eye liner. The look was accented with sculpted cheeks, fluffy eyebrows, highlighted and velvety skin, and lastly a nude lip to finish. The hair was straight short bangs with a bob, or a double layered longer bob.

The beauty trend relates to the garments because the eyeliner is a statement element accented by the softness of color and simple hair. Each of the runway looks stood out in a different way, and this beauty look is versatile regardless of color, texture, and shape of the garments.

This trend follows closely for what we have seen in autumn/winter the past runways with paler more velvet skin, bolder eyes, and sculpted cheeks. Emerging trends will be the use of metallics and fluffy eyebrows. Based on my experience in the beauty industry and trends I have seen cycle during fall/winter this look showcases that eyeliner, metallics, and eyebrow products will drive sales for the upcoming 2015 season. The hair trend reveals that layers are still out and a more structured cut is in. 

For the beauty savvy consumer this bold eyeliner and metallics won’t scare them. Beauty retailers will most likely sell watered down versions of these elements, however, the metallic trend can expand to lips and shadows if they care to leave the eyeliner out. Overall, customers might be drawn to liquid liner, a little shimmer, and nude lips.

Iris Apfel: Beauty Culture Icon

Iris Apfel is a beauty culture icon looked up to by those of all ages. She began her career as an interior designer, worked for WWD, and recently consults and lectures about fashion and style. I personally chose to write about her because of her philosophy behind what makes something or someone beautiful and fashionable. Aside from her amazing and eclectic style, I was draw to this particular quote:

“Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. The key to style is learning you are which takes years. There’s no how-to road map to style. It’s about self-expression and, above all, attitude.”

What has evolved Apfel into a style icon is her unique aesthetic and self-assurance. She created a signature look with her large glasses, printed dresses, and use of accessories. Apfel inspires women because she pushes the limits of fashion through her confidence and attitude. She is not afraid to be who she is, not shy, and doesn’t have to follow trends. 

Iris Apfel’s philosophy translates into beauty as well. You can usually find her in a bold bright lip to accent her big round glasses. Also, with pops of color on her eyes. Once again, you won’t find her following any beauty trends either. She wears what she likes and feels represents her and her style, not what others would be considered “beautiful” or “normal.”

Her main role as a beauty icon is that she encourages people to find themselves and find ways to represent who they are, not who others think they should be or look like.

Once again if we translate her philosophy into my definition of beauty “Beauty is a reflection of ourselves and our happiness. It is translated through our experiences and interests over our lifetime, and is truly unique to the individual.” As Iris Apfel has demonstrated and voiced to the public: it is about finding yourself and self expression. No one can duplicate beauty or style if they understand who they are.


The one and only Iris Apfel.
Photographed for The New York Times August 23, 2011.

Iris Apfel by Jeff Bark

Iris Apfel by Victoria Will